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    Probity Investigations, Inc.

    Private Investigation Services

    Our Investigations and Services offers a wide range of professional, confidential services. We specialize in cases involving infidelity and child welfare and are available to assist you 24 hours a day.

    1-2-3 Step Process

    1. “In-take”   While speaking with one of our friendly case managers, they will ask you to provide information regarding you and the person being investigated. This information is documented on an “In-Take” form that will be given to the investigator assigned to your case.

    2. “Objectives”  Step two is for us to help you identify critical objectives for your investigator to accomplish.

    3. “Opportunities”  The final step is usually the longest. We help you to detail your situation and time table that allows us to pin-point “Times of Opportunity.”

    Once we complete this process, the cost of your investigation can be estimated. We use every investigative technique and tool allowed by law to minimize cost and maximize success. Our agency has the very latest investigative equipment and is respected as one of the most technologically advanced agencies in the nation.

    Estimated Costs

    When determining the affordability of retaining investigative services, keep this rule in mind. Never judge if you can afford PI services based on how much money you have. Instead, look at your situation and ask yourself, “How much do I have to gain versus how much I could lose, if my investigation is thorough and complete with all objectives achieved.”

    Attorney’s will compete for your money and guide you to a misinformed decision if you are not careful. Studies from Harvard School of Law tell us that over 90% of all domestic litigation is supported by the results of investigative services.

    We offer competitive rates and guarantee your satisfaction or we won't charge. At, we charge a flat hourly rate. No mileage fees, no drive-time fees, no fuel surcharges. With The PI Agency, you are in control of your investment.

    Please choose the service you require from the options below:

    Infidelity Investigations | Child Welfare (Custody)

    GPS Vehicle Tracking | Computer Monitoring

    Phone Number Tracing | Other Investigations

    Probity Investigations, Inc.
    Private Investigation Services

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