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CA Private Investigator
Randal Later
P.O. Box 5875
Santa Monica, CA 90409
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  • Death/Homicide Investigation

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    Later Investigations

    LATER INVESTIGATIONS; Specializing in Criminal Defense!

    Randal Later, a former law enforcement officer, began working as a Criminal Defense Investigator in 1990, with Enterprise Evaluations. In 1991 he became a licensed private investigator, as a partner in a private investigation firm, L.B.G.& L. Investigations. In 1992, he went out on his own and created a successful private investigation company, "Later Investigations", specializing in Criminal Defense.

    Mr. Later is currently the President of the Los Angeles County Criminal Defense Investigators Association and is on the Los Angeles County Superior Court Private Investigators Panel.

    Mr. Later has worked on a number of "high profile" cases such as the "Menendez Brothers" case, the "Billionaire Boys Club" murder case, the "MTA bus" murder case of Corrie Williams, LAPD'S first AFIS case in 1990, the 1963 homicide of Thora Marie Rose, in which Mr. Later's client, "Vernon Robinson" was arrested and charged with the crime 27 years later. In addition, Mr. Later has work many other criminal cases as well.

    In addition, Mr. Later has performed consulting and investigative services for CBS News, 60 Minutes, American Journal and the New York Post. Mr. Later has also lectured at UCLA regarding high profile criminal cases and general investigative techniques.

    Mr. Later has been appointed by judges in Municipal, Superior and Federal Courts, to investigate criminal defense cases and juror misconduct cases. Mr. Later has also been appointed as an investigator to assist Propria Persona clients. He is familier with the courts, jails and prison systems and has testified in State Hearings, Municipal & Superior Courts and Federal Court.

    Please contact Mr. Later for a free initial consultation!

    Later Investigations
    CA Private Investigator

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