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Arizona Under Cover : BUSINESS And WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS, Tucson, Arizona Private Investigator
Bob Wilson
5151 E. Broadway Blvd.,
Suite 1600
Tucson, AZ 85711
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    Arizona Undercover Private Investigations, Inc.


    Our Firm, Arizona Undercover Private Investigations, Inc., a fully licensed, bonded, & insured private investigation agency, specializes in undercover business and workplace activity investigations. These types of investigations should only be undertaken by legally trained investigators. Our president, Bob Wilson, J.D., is a retired trial lawyer, with many years of experience in civil and criminal cases. He is also a State Certified law professor and State licensed private investigator in Arizona. He personally trains all our staff and investigators in the sensitive legal issues involved in dealing with business activities and employees, while at the same time protecting the client from hidden legal or litigation threats.

    Arizona Undercover Private Investigations, Inc.,
    can be retained to investigate business related matters at a fraction of the cost of retaining an attorney. Our investigators can conduct sensitive work place misconduct investigations without negative repercussions since our investigation reports are confidential and for our client’s eyes only.

    Arizona Undercover Private Investigations, Inc.'s, emphasis on
    undercover operations is critical in order to thoroughly and effectively resolve difficult to prove situations such as theft, substance abuse, fraud, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and other forms of serious employee misconduct. Our methods allow for the collection of first-hand evidence and information concerning suspected employees. The evidence obtained will be admissible in court, if the need arises.

    Your company or business merits an undercover investigation when you or your management suspects that a potential problem exists on your business premises or within your staffing. An undercover operative has the best chance of confirming or disproving rumors, or suspicions and exposing the guilty parties.

    Arizona Undercover Private Investigations, Inc., maintains daily, two way communications with our operatives and continually assesses new information and its legal meaning. The operative prepares daily reports under close supervision in order that the assignment produces a successful result. Our operatives are watchful for evidence of stolen company property, illicit drugs use, or money or trade secret thefts. When necessary, lawful covert surveillances are conducted; and with assistance of local law enforcement, sting operations will be undertaken.

    Arizona Undercover Private Investigations, Inc.
    Arizona Under Cover : BUSINESS And WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS, Tucson, Arizona Private Investigator

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