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Missouri licensed St Louis private investigator assist in criminal defense, look for a family member or investigate suspicions of a cheating spouse
William Reynolds
100 Chesterfield Bus. Pkwy. Ste 200
Chesterfield, MO 63005
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    Brighton Lewis, Inc.

    Whether you’re looking for someone to investigate a cheating spouse St Louis, or are in need of a DWI expert specializing in SFST training, Brighton Lewis offers top quality services that you can trust.

    Brighton Lewis offers discreet, professional investigative services. A job well done is our best advertisement. Because of this, most of our business is referral based. While we are primarily a St. Louis private investigation firm, Brighton Lewis is a Missouri licensed private investigator agency and offers private detective services for all of Missouri.

    We pride ourselves on being discreet and establishing special relationships with our clients. After all, what good is a private investigator if they don't remain private? Our clients have found us to be an excellent choice for

    -Professional Corporate and Personal Investigations and Surveillance

    -Domestic "Cheating Spouse" Investigations

    -DWI / SFST Training and Consulting for Attorneys and Law Enforcement

    -DWI Case Consultation Including ARIDE and DRE

    -Process Service

    -Criminal Defense Assistance

    -Corporate and Private Personal Security Services

    -Witness Interviews and Locates

    Many times, a consumer might see a large listing of services offered by a private investigator and choose items which they feel will serve them best. At Brighton Lewis, we feel that it is our job to work with our clients to determine what methods will work best to solve the client’s problem. As a client, you realize that you have an issue which requires professional assistance. We are here to provide that aid. Taking care of our client's needs, not running up a large bill, is our main priority.

    Brighton Lewis has a very large “toolbox” filled with a wide range of investigative tools. With that said, all of the tools in the world are useless without an experienced licensed private investigator who truly understands the needs of the client and how to best utilize those tools to get results.

    Brighton Lewis also offers unique security services. We realize that there are occasions, such as during a marital property exchange, when low key, highly experienced security individuals may be needed. Brighton Lewis can assist you with these matters.

    In addition to our private investigation services, Brighton Lewis DWI Expert Billy Reynolds can work with your legal team if you find yourself charged with a DWI. While your attorney maps out the legal aspects of the case, Billy, who is a trained DWI Detection and SFST instructor, painstakingly reviews the police report and points out any irregularities. Officers have certain guidelines that they must follow when making a DWI arrest and a DWI Expert at Brighton Lewis can make sure that they did. A full report outlining any irregularities in procedures as well as the proper procedures (including SFST training) which should have been followed, is given to your attorney so he can offer you the best DWI defense possible. This is especially important in ARIDE and DRE cases which involve the use of drugs. If the officer has the opinion that you are impaired, even the admission of using prescribed medications can be enough for an arrest.

    If you are not using a DWI expert as part of your legal team, you are missing a big part of a successful defense package. The best DWI attorneys in the country routinely rely on DWI experts to assist in the defense of their clients. How do we know? We train them.

    Brighton Lewis, Inc.
    Missouri licensed St Louis private investigator assist in criminal defense, look for a family member or investigate suspicions of a cheating spouse

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