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    Investigative and Research Services

    With fully staffed and licensed offices in the USA and Asia, we were originally founded and based in the USA. Our Investigators have remained at the forefront of the industry since 1983 through the use of cutting-edge technology and superior effort, and our Agency has attained an international reputation for investigative success and superior service. Our extensive resources, capabilities, and professional contacts in over 72 different countries and all across the USA make us a top choice for any case. Some of the most important reasons to choose “ASIA AMERICA INVESTIGATIONS” are:

    Experience and Training
    Over 7000 successful investigations completed since 1983, and regular participation in professional continuing education. 18 years experience in overseas investigations with special emphasis on Asia.

    Reliability in Court

    North America's major Insurance Companies and Fortune 500 Companies recognize the value, ease, and simplicity of having an American Agency in a local time zone, with a toll-free number and English speaking Agents who understand what evidence is relevant and what is not relevant in North American courts. All our Investigative Reports and Evidence is properly translated and documented for immediate use in a professionally standardized form. We handle all the intolerable time zone, language, cost, and evidentiary problems long associated with overseas investigations.

    There has always been a problem in finding foreign Investigators who are familiar with American courts and American Rules of evidence. Facts that qualify as evidence in a foreign country may not be admissible or even relevant in America. Additionally, because of increased Homeland Security concerns, it has become increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to guarantee that Investigators in countries throughout Asia can even enter the United States on a certain date, when needed for court.

    Asia America Investigations utilizes our own employee agents on every case or inquiry. Local and experienced Investigative personnel in countries throughout Southeast Asia and the United States are available for support, when advisable. Our Reports are concise, timely, and reliable. We utilize our Investigators in each state or in Asia to provide our Clients with a resource person who is intimately familiar with the local customs, laws, and indigenous peoples. However, when the Investigator absolutely and positively must be available for court inside America on a specific date, we will send an experienced Investigator from America to work with the local Investigator and “bring the evidence back home.”

    Assured Confidentiality
    We quietly and professionally serve our clients with absolute discretion. In Civil, Criminal, and Insurance Investigations, call us to build a case or make a defense.

    Nationwide and Worldwide Capability
    Up-to-date passports and travel experience. Specialists in foreign Investigations with recent Investigations completed locally and in 42 other countries throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, Canada, and South America.

    Insurance and Corporate Surveillance
    Surveillance and Video Documentation completed in a totally discrete manner consistent with American standards.

    Worldwide Investigative Contacts

    Over 900 professional, screened, locally licensed investigators in more than 72 free world countries.

    Investigative Teams
    Male or female agents of diverse backgrounds, cultures, religions, and nationalities.

    Free Initial Consultation
    Clients can decide if investigation is warranted or economically worthwhile, at no initial cost or obligation.

    Equitable Fees
    Professionally and diplomatically handled between us and the client. We utilize our extensive travel
    experience, and offices in both the USA and Asia to save thousands of dollars on airfares and other expenses


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