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Pierce Investigations
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    Pierce Investigations

    When deciding to hire any investigator or begin a surveillance, there are several key factors to consider.  I would like to talk a little bit about the "pros & cons" of hiring an investigator and performing surveillance.  In doing so, I hope you will be better informed as to how most investigators operate and about basic surveillance.  I also hope to inform you about some of the possible misconceptions and pitfalls of surveillance.  Knowing this information makes your job and ours a little bit easier. You, (the client), are already aware of the vast positive benefits of hiring an investigator in cases where the truth needs to be exposed.  I could talk here for hours about the hundreds of successful cases that have been performed over the years, either saving a client
    millions of dollars or locating a lost family member.  Most people however do not know what they should expect from a good reputable investigator and what
    we, the investigators need from you, the client to do our jobs well.The first thing you should expect from any reputable investigations company is good
    communication between you and the investigator.  I'm not only referring to when we initially obtain the needed case information from the client either.  The lines of communication need to extend far beyond that and need to be available to you and the investigator whenever necessary, (or at least the following day).  Have you ever tried to contact the investigator or attorney you hired and have to leave several voice mails which are never returned?  Frustrating isn't it?  By good communication I am also referring to you, (the client), trying to give as much initial information to the investigator
    as possible.  There have been several cases where the client neglected to give the investigator a certain piece of crucial information which was extremely important to the outcome of the case.  The investigator, (OK, it was me), eventually figured it out, but it took twice as long as it would have if the client would have supplied the information initially.  The investigator also needs to be aware of what questions to ask the client.  Sometimes there is not much information to go on, but the investigator should be experienced enough to know what to ask the client for.  You are better off with too much information than too little.  I would personally rather have too much information than not enough!  

    One example of good client / investigator communications is this:In very difficult or hard to watch surveillance situations it is not uncommon for us to work
    directly with the client over the phone.  A few years back we had a case where is was necessary for our client to contact us immediately and inform us that the subject of the investigation was going to be arriving where he previously worked to sign some papers.  Since we had no idea what this individual looked like or what he drove, the client needed to stay on the phone and inform us when the individual arrived and when he was walking out the front door.  It turns out that doing this was absolutely critical to solving the case.  Without good communication, I doubt it would have worked out as well as it did.

    The next thing you should expect from any reputable investigations company is, can they tell you what their background is and where they received their training?  Can they tell you how long they have been doing investigations and roughly how many cases they have worked on.  If you are dealing with a large investigations company you should be able to speak with the particular investigator directly and determine what his experience or specialty is.

    Pierce Investigations

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