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EED Co, Inc. - Security Hints
Rainer Melucci
313 Avenue J.
Brooklyn, NY 11230
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    Rainer A. Melucci P.I.

    Company Safeguards

    Getting Down to Basics

    • Obtain support for information security from senior management.
    • Do not waste resources protecting that which does not require protection.
    • Identify which information should be protected and for how long.
    • If extremely sensitive, material should be hand-carried or transmitted using encryption techniques.
    • To dispose of sensitive material, shred or make it unreadable.
    • Valuable company information must not be left unattended in hotel rooms. This includes hardcopy and computer disks
    • E-mail and voicemail passwords must be protected and changed frequently.
    • All sensitive materials must be removed from conference rooms and chalkboards and whiteboards erased after meetings.
    • Where possible, conduct background investigations on all individuals with access to sensitive information.
    • Obtain nondisclosure agreements from employees, vendors, and others with access to proprietary information.

    Taking the Next Step

    • Determine the monetary/competitive value of your information.
    • Develop information safeguarding guidelines that are practical and user friendly
    • Get user input and buy-in when developing an information security program.
    • Ask knowledgeable employees what should be protected; they know the market and the competition.
    • Form a partnership with the organization's legal and information systems departments to better address information security issues.
    • identify and get the cooperation of senior stakeholders in key areas, such as technology, finance, personnel, and marketing.
    • Train and periodically remind-from the first day of work through the exiting process--the appropriate people why certain information needs protection and of the guidelines used to protect it. 
    • Work with management to decide what access will be given consultants, subcontractors, and joint-venture partners.
    • Partner with the legal department and others to develop a process to review employee publications, such as papers and speeches including those to be placed on the Internet.
    • Ask new employees if they are obligated under any confidentiality or nondisclosure agreements.
    • Use annual performance reviews to remind employees of their obligations.

    Always Remember

    • The disgruntled employee is the greatest threat to your organization.
    • Telephone conversations, both fixed and mobile, are vulnerable to intercept.
    • Information regarding the movement of your company aircraft, including routes and destinations, is available for sale on the Internet.
    • Be knowledgeable of your organization's physical assets, information assets, and vulnerabilities.

    Rainer A. Melucci P.I.
    Company Safeguards

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