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    Surveillance is a highly technical procedure that isn't as simple as just waiting with a camera for a certain event to occur, or happen. It must be performed by a knowledgeable, and experienced professional.
    The key to a successful surveillance is a well trained investigator, highly sophisticated equipment, and good communicational support. If all three elements are present, the results of a successful surveillance are priceless. Video and picture evidence obtained by a licensed private investigator can mean the difference between winning and losing the case. I am sure you have heard the phrase that "A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS". Well,here is my saying: "A VIDEO IS WORTH A THOUSAND PICTURES.” Pictures and videos don't lie, and it’s the only witness that is truly capable of showing the real story. WARNING!! A perfect picture or video taken by a non-licensed or experienced investigator is worthless in court, and it's a crime to practice private investigation without a license!

    Keep in mind that a Private Investigator will be compensated for the time spent on the case, regardless of the outcome. For example, if you hire a Private Investigator to watch a house, building, subject or place, and no significant or important activity occurs, then you will get a full report of the activity with an invoice for the investigator's time spent. However, all of our clients, attorneys and private investigators all agree that it's priceless when you are recording an event that is taken place before your eyes and admitting in a court file as evidence. That in itself settles most cases and no further litigation is necessary.

    One of the surveillance details we conducted serves as a perfect example. The detail took an approximate total of 10 hours long. After the first 5 hours the client was upset that we had no results or real evidence. This issue is actually complicated and needs to be addressed as follows: Private investigators are not mind readers or psychic, in other words we don't know when an event is going to happen or take place. At the same time it's a great accomplishment and high rush feeling when we conduct a successful surveillance in a short time. Therefore, Private investigators and the clients have one very important element in common; both want results and needs it now. Patience is a virtue of life. We have discussed canceling the surveillance if the client requests it; but I advised her to wait and see the results. After 7 hours she was more frustrated and tried to offer me compensation based on results. I have explained to her that professional private investigators operate on professional ethics and on hourly basis only. This is the only way that Private investigators can uphold the utmost professionalism and high standards. Throughout our discussion she offered me $1,500 to conduct this surveillance based on results, and not private investigator's time spent, (Pro bono). I declined her offer and recommended her to be patient and continue this investigation. After 9 hours finally the big break we are looking for. A female subject and her husband came out of the hotel room where her husband checked in late the evening prior. After 10 hours we had over 10 high quality photos and 30 minute video of her husband and the female subject exchanging loving emotional activity. The photos and video tell the whole story. At that time she was extremely happy and very pleased. A cheating spouse is always looked upon negatively in the eyes of the court.

    I have over 15 years of experience in the Private Investigation industry and have received my qualification and training through a very unique avenue. I have learned, experienced and practiced advanced investigative techniques for over 6 years, as a Legal Investigator for Civil and Criminal Defense Attorneys. This experience and training has prepared and given me the knowledge and a unique understanding of our legal system. I continue to advance myself as well as my investigator's , by continuing education in the areas of Private Investigation and the laws related to this industry. It's my pleasure and goal in life to utilize this experience and knowledge to help and serve my clients through my Private Investigation firm. It is always a pleasure, thrill and a rush to have the results that my client's needs in order to find justice.
    Private Investigators are not in this industry for the money but for the pleasure, thrill and rush they receive from accomplishing a successful investigation.
    One of the most expensive ways to conduct an investigation is when the client directs any investigation. The confusion and lack of experience can cost you more money then you can afford. The successful avenue is to have a professional direct and be fully responsible for all actions rather then you.
    Private investigator's have a duty through the eyes of the law to confidentially protect the client. Private investigator's professional ethics also addresses confidentiality as a primary rule for the private investigator. Investigator client privileges are as secure as attorney client privileges. However, Attorney/ Client privileges can be voided by the attorney if a legal conflict occurred between the Attorney and his client and the same rule applies for Private Investigators.

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