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Bradley Investigations - About Us
Glenn Bradley
4265 Augusta Road
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  • Death/Homicide Investigation
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    Bradley Investigations LLC


    Specializing In:
    Adultery, Criminal, Computer Forensics, Insurance Fraud, Child Custody and Background Investigations.
    Domestic Cases/Surveillance:
    Rate: $65/hour and $.42/mile – The initial retainer fee to begin surveillance in an investigation is $1100, which is roughly equivalent to 18 billable hours.
    GPS (Vehicle) Tracking:
    This service is ONLY available in the course of a legal, contracted investigation and for obvious liability (and legal) concerns is not available as a 'standalone' service.
    $350/week flat rate fee
    Computer Forensics:
    We use industry standard software and hardware to analyze entire hard drives or individual files/small groups of files.  All evidence is legally retrieved and documented as such.
    Rate: $65/hour – The initial retainer fee to begin the analysis/investigation is $1150 per hard drive.
    Polygraph Administration/Examination:
    We have our own in-house Polygraph Examiner.  The service is billed at a flat rate fee of $400 per subject.  Our examiner is a SLED Licensed Polygraph Examiner and has been so for 27 years.  Statewide exams are available with mileage fees at $.42/mile outside of Lexington, Richland or Charleston counties.
    Statewide Process Service:
     - $45 per service
     - $.42/mile outside of Lexington, Richland or Charleston counties
     - $10 per attempt
     - Affidavit furnished after service
     - Billing monthly
    Note: Attorneys anticipating more than 10 services per
    week please call for lower rates
    Other Services/Investigations:
    Missing Persons, Wrongful Death Cases, Counter-Surveillance, Records Retrieval, Accident Reconstruction, Background Checks, Stalking Cases and Employee Theft.
    Record Searches:
    Non-Published Number
    (You provide us the name and address of your subject, and we will provide the non-published number.)

    Residential Toll (per month local long distance)
    (You provide us with the name, address and telephone number and we will provide you with the phone numbers on the subject’s phone bill.)
    With times and dates

    Business Toll
    (per month local long distance)
    (You provide us the name of the name, address and telephone number of the business and we will provide you with the phone numbers appearing on the phone bill.)
    With long distance, times and dates.  Pager/cellular available as well.

    Cellular Toll
    (You provide the name, address, telephone number and the cellular company of your subject and we will provide you with the phone numbers appearing on the phone bill.)
    Individual or commercial with times and dates available.
    Payphone Number
    (You will receive the name and address that is registered to the number.)

    Utility Search:

    Utility Search/Non-Published Number
    (With this search you will receive the current address and non-published phone number for your subject when you provide the name, social, city and state.)

    Utility Search
    (You provide us the name, social security number and the last known address of your subject and we will provide you with the address that your subject has current utilities.)
    Miscellaneous Searches:

    Address Trace
    (This search will provide all addresses used by your subject.)

    PO Box Break
    Aircraft Ownership
    Commercial Vessel Registration
    Criminal Court Filings
    (national/per county)
    Criminal Record Search (South Carolina) other states as well.
    Civil Court Filings (national/per county)
    Driver Licenses
    DMV Search
    Pilot License
    Hospital Visit Record
    Local Bank Locate
    Statewide Bank Locate
    Nationwide Bank Locate (Person or Business)

    Statewide Bank Locate (Business)
    Stock Account Locator
    Credit Card or Account Transactions
    Employment/Source of Income
    Employment History
    Full Asset Search
    Credit Report
    Lenders Report
    Real Property
    Social Security Number Identifier
    Social Security Number Trace
    UCC Filings
    Vehicle Registrations
    Voter Registration
    FEIN Locate
    (Returns Federal Tax ID #)
    Dunn & Bradstreet Report (Business)
    Physicians Report

    Bradley Investigations LLC

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