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    Investigative Services, Inc.

    Domestic Investigations

    Investigative Services, Inc. (ISI) has been in the investigation business since 1989. We have extensive experience in dealing with sensitive domestic matters such as infidelity and child custody. Our staff is experienced in providing information and documentation necessary to confirm suspicions (Which are usually very accurate). Even more important is the value of this evidence in negotiating fair settlements in a divorce case or custody battle.

    We understand the sensitive and often emotionally charged circumstances surrounding these types of cases. Give us a call to discuss the particulars of your situation in the strictest of confidence. We will lend a sympathetic ear and make recommendations based upon the specifics of your situation and our extensive experience. If your situation requires an attorney, we can refer you to several individuals who we know to be competent in handling the type of case you are dealing with.

    Although it is often hard to believe, the majority of these types of situations are very similar to those of others. Our experience indicates that it is not you, don't blame yourself or feel guilty about pursuing your gut feelings! The only explanation we can offer is that it is human nature.

    Here are a few recommendations based upon our experience in handling hundreds of cases just like yours:

    • Call our toll free number 800-466-9801, it won't show up on your home or business telephone bill.
    • After calling here, dial another number to clear your redial memory
    • Don't call from a cell phone unless you're 110% positive it won't be seen by anyone else. If at all possible, avoid this situation all together. Investigators have the ability to determine all calls made from any cell phone!
    • Don't make any behavioral changes at home. All too often, this will cause suspicion. If you've been fighting, continue; if not, don't start. Don't press for information or stop pressing for it if you have been. Even minor changes in behavior can cause suspicion!
    • Document everything! Keep a log of things that have caused you to be suspicious; such as strange or dangerous behavior, odd telephone numbers, suspicious financial transactions, suspicious vehicles (Get the plate!), changes in schedule, changes in physical appearance, changes in attire. These are just a few of the common denominators we see in these types of cases. MAKE SURE THIS LOG IS NOT FOUND!
    • Don't try to conduct your own surveillance! Aside from the legal aspects, it will make our job a bit more difficult if the subject is suspicious!

    Investigative Services, Inc.
    Domestic Investigations

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