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    Greves Detectives

    About Us

    Ramesh Madan-Chairmen of Greves Group of Private Investigations Agencies

    Ramesh C Madan, a New Delhi (India) based private detective, has already set several enviable national and world records in the field of crime investigation. He has so far saved 26 innocent people from going to the gallows charged for crimes they never committed.

    He has won many national and most international awards, including:

    C.I.I Award-1987 at Washington,
    International Investigator of the Year Award in 1989 at Toronto,
    Keith Roger Award for the Best Detective in 1990 at Oxford,
    Malcom W Thomson Memorial Award in 1997 at Ireland

    He is the first Indian to have become “Certified International Investigator” way back in 1967 and the first Asian to be elected as the International President and thereafter Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Council of International Investigators (CII).

    And it, all started with his personal experience. As a penniless refugee from Pakistan, he came to Delhi in 1947 with his sister and younger brothers. He was 11 years old then and had to struggle hard to earn livelihood for his helpless family. Later when compensation was given by the Government for land and property left in Pakistan, their legitimate share was their step-mother and uncles. The strong urge to get justice; he gave the spark to this hidden talent, for carrying out meticulous and methodical investigations. At a young age of 16 years, he fought this battle alone and won purely by dint of infinite capacity for hard work and keen eye for details. In the process, he learnt the art of persuasion, acting different roles and various original techniques of investigation to reach at the truth and produce relevant evidence. A long time has passed since then. Today, he is respected just like Sherlock Holmes for his highly professional approach in solving cases.

    It is well-known that Sherlock Holmes was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as the world’s first consulting detective. The works of detective fiction by the author have made Sherlock Holmes, an imaginary character, immortal. Ever since the origin of Sherlock Holmes, the profession of a private detective has been elevated to a level of considerable respectability from that of a mere ‘inquiry agent’. Earlier, the magistrates used to consider inquiry agents claiming as ‘professional gentlemen’ preposterous and evidence produced by them enjoyed little credibility. Sir Conan Doyle invented Sherlock Holmes to make this fascinating but unorganized business somewhat akin to an exact science. But Ramesh Madan is no fiction. He is a self-made professional and operates just like Sherlock Holmes. He has been shaped by destiny as he struggled through the jungle of difficult circumstances. His physical features differ but his professionalism and competence, much like Sherlock Holmes, are indeed remarkable. Handsome, bespectacled, pleasant, very amiable, calm and unruffled, he is the living legend.

    He started his investigation career in 1958 as a freelancer. This was the 23rd and the final profession at the age of 22. His creativity, knowledge of law, immense patience and, above all, intuitive instinct enabled him to achieve success in some of the most complex cases. In 1961 he established a firm. “The Indian Detective” as a private detective agency. In 1966, he formed the All India Private Detectives Association. Subsequently, in 1971, he founded “Goliath Detectives Private Ltd.” which is a top detective agency in India, employing hundreds of investigators with over a dozen offices spread all over the country.

    Ramesh Madan does not proceed with a case in which, during preliminary investigations, he finds his client to be actually guilty. His mission is to save the innocent from incorrect administration of justice. It is no mean achievement to have saved 26 innocent people wrongly charged for murders. There are numerous other cases in which he saved his innocent clients from the clutches of seasoned criminals and complicated conspiracies. Some of his famous cases include, “Maharaja and the Dancing Girl”, “Operation Bust”, “Saharanpur Murder Case”, “Royal Conspiracy of Manipur”, “Scandal in Bheem Taal” and so on.

    His methods are based on his enormous capacity to quickly gather maximum relevant facts; rare imaginative power to visualize all the possibilities clearly and methodically work on his logically arrived at theory. Being a perfectionist, he believes in unearthing complete truth and nothing short of truth, even at considerable danger to his own life. He has escaped three serious attempts on his life so far.

    Undeterred, he goes on with his mission fearlessly and is admired by countless number of people both in India and outside as their “Godfather”.

    Currently, he is the Chairmen of “GREVES GROUP”. The other jobs under the umbrella of this group include investigating cases of corporate fraud, false Insurance claims, IPR related Investigations, tracing missing persons, Background Checks/Pre-employment Screening, Benefit Fraud, Business/Company Checks ,Credit Checks ,De-bugging ,Genealogy/Family Tree, House Detective/Neighborhood Checks, Identity Theft, Matrimonial/Infidelity/Cheating Enquiries/Fidelity Checks, Peace of Mind Reports, Physical Covert Surveillance, Process/Legal Document Serving, Specialist Research, Tracing Beneficiaries etc.,

    Toiling through the harsh realities of this profession, Madan is a living example of courage, boldness, reliability, humaneness, truthfulness and total professionalism. These are the very qualities Sir Conan Doyle portrayed in the Master Detective of his fiction.

    Greves Detectives
    About Us

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