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ICDA Investigations, Inc., Private Investigations Serving Miami And The Entire State Of Florida
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    ICDA offers more than 40 individual reports to locate and detail information on your subject. We can provide reports on categories including People, Businesses, Assets, Licenses, Phones, and Courts. Our search reports are incredibly detailed with only the information you need.

    Alimony Modification Services
    We can help you obtain the proof you need to eliminate, reduce or modify the amount of alimony you now pay or increase the amount of alimony you now receive. Before you or your attorney petition the court, you must obtain certain evidence and that’s where our expertise and customized services can make the difference between success and failure.

    Attorney and Paralegal Services
    When attorneys or paralegals work closely with a specialist investigative agency like ours, they not only make a great impression on their clients – they also achieve fantastic results for them!

    Background Investigation Services
    Knowing who you’re dealing with in personal and business situations is essential for a good outcome. Whether you’re dating, getting married, looking for that ideal employee, talking to somebody over the internet or considering a business partnership, you need to know who the person you are dealing with really is.

    Corporate and Small Business Services
    Owning and operating your own business – be it large or small – requires so much effort on your part! From hiring employees to staying ahead of your competitors, it’s critical for you to make the right decisions in the best interest of your business. Thankfully we’re in a great position to help you do this!

    Elite Investigations Services
    Sure, an average private investigations firm will provide you with average results, but what if average just doesn’t cut it for you? When you need the best results, you need the best investigative team, and that’s why our Elite Investigations Unit is in such high demand!

    Government and Law Enforcement Services
    Government and law enforcement services also face challenges that result from fraud, liability and workers’ compensation cases, and thankfully, our team of specialists are also on hand to help them through.

    Infidelity and Child Custody Services
    Devastating, traumatic and personally challenging issues relating to infidelity and child custody can affect anybody. So, what do you do if you are in a situation where you have concerns relating to these issues? Who do you turn to, and how do you confirm or deny the painful suspicions that you just can’t seem to get off your mind?

    Insurance Claims Services
    For decades, insurance companies have dealt with countless cases of insurance fraud which have cost the industry many millions of dollars. Since 1981, we have worked closely with insurance companies to minimize the incidences of fraud nationwide.

    Intelligence Gathering Services
    Whether you’re an individual or you’re representing a corporation, information is absolutely essential in helping you make the right decisions. That’s why our intelligence gathering services are in such high demand by individuals, companies and government agencies!

    International Investigations Services
    Sometimes it is absolutely critical for individuals, corporations and government agencies to uncover the truth beyond our national borders. Even people outside of the United States call upon us to conduct investigations on their behalf within this country. For this reason, we provide our clients with the very best international investigations service!

    Surveillance Services
    Surveillance services are regularly utilized by corporate executives, business owners, supervisors, risk managers, security directors, human resource personnel, attorneys and insurance adjusters, among others, to arm themselves with up-to-date information that would assist them in making the right decisions.

    Spy Shop and Specialized Technical Services
    When it comes to the surveillance and electronic countermeasure needs of individuals, corporations, government and law enforcement agencies, there is no such thing as a “one-size fits all” approach! Each client has unique needs that must be met for a good outcome, and that’s why our Spy Shop and Special Services Team are so popular!


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