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Background check dr - Missing Persons - White collar crimes - Fraud - Child Support -  Asset Searches - Matrimonial and Divorce - Background Check
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    BACKGROUND CHECK Information, Private Investigation      

    THE PURPOSE OF THE BACKGROUND SEARCHA background search serves the purpose of reducing your vulnerability to people who can hurt you, your family, or your business.  People can only cause you harm when they are granted permission, which sometimes comes in the form of those who are willfully blind, lazy, or just not exercising common sense.  Trust your instincts!!  A healthy dose of paranoia helps you think twice before leaving your guard down.  Don't trust anyone unless you have a reason to trust, and even then, still don't trust anyone!  Sometimes, don't even trust yourself.

    That person your mother warned you about?  You doubted her judgment then, but that was because you weren't looking hard enough. Well, she was right! That person is still out there and ready to take advantage of anyone who leaves themselves vulnerable--again and again. Have you learned what she already knew yet? Or are you waiting to become a victim?  It's better to make a realistic assessment of a person with the reliable information obtained from a competent private investigator.

    Truth hurts and many people don't want to face it!  But not knowing the truth hurts more emotionally, financially and socially. It's best to minimize the pain by knowing now instead of later.  Because later can cost more than what you're willing to bear.  You will have to face the truth no matter what you do in order to avoid it...

    Do a background search before you have sex, before you hire that employee and before your daughter goes away for the weekend with what's-his-name.  Check'em out--now.!!

    Whether it's a date, a potential employee, or a live-in nanny, we want to be sure they're telling the truth.

     Beware of Online Background Check Scams

    A quick search on Google reveals hundreds of "background check" services. But how does one know which service to use? Our private investigators spent a full month testing and reviewing dozens of services to find out.

    To test each service, we ran background checks on people with known criminal and civil records, including bankruptcies. This allowed us to easily verify the accuracy of all results. We checked on people of different ages with diverse backgrounds, residing in all 50 states. We were surprised at what we found.

    It seems that the vast majority of "background check" services simply don't deliver the information they promise. In almost all cases, the results sold to us were outdated, incorrect, or nothing more than data from local phone books! All of this despite widely advertised claims of current criminal and civil records.

    Private detectives and investigators use many methods to determine the facts in a variety of matters. To carry out investigations, they may use various types of surveillance or searches. To verify facts, such as an individual 's place of employment or income, they may make phone calls or visit a subject's workplace. In other cases, especially those involving missing persons and background checks, investigators often interview people to gather as much information as possible about an individual. In all cases, private detectives and investigators assist attorneys, businesses, and the public with legal, financial, and personal problems.

    Advanced Investigations
    Background check dr - Missing Persons - White collar crimes - Fraud - Child Support - Asset Searches - Matrimonial and Divorce - Background Check

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